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ISAH – Executive Board
HARTUNG   Professor Dr. Dr.h.c. Jörg Hartung   
Institute of Animal Hygiene, Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Behaviour
University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover 
Bünteweg 17 P, 30559 Hannover, GERMANY

Andres Aland   Associate Professor Dr. Andres Aland  
Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Kreutzwaldi 62, 51014 Tartu, ESTONIA
Sebastian Opaliński  

Associate Professor Dr. Sebastian Opaliński
Department of Environment Hygiene and Animal Welfare
Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences
ul. Chełmońskiego 38C
51-630 Wrocław, POLAND

Dr. Christelle Fablet    Dr. Christelle Fablet
Unit of Epidemiology and Welfare in Pigs
French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety
B.P. 53, 22440 Ploufragan, FRANCE

Hermann Schobesberger   Dr. Hermann Schobesberger     
Institute for Veterinary Public Health
University of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinärplatz 1 1210 Vienna, AUSTRIA

Stefan Gunnnarson   Associate Professor Dr. Stefan Gunnarsson      
Department of Animal Environment and Health
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
P.O. Box 234, 532 23 Skara, SWEDEN

Konyves   Associate Professor Dr. László Könyves       
Department of Animal Hygiene, Herdhealth and Veterinary Ethology
University of Veterinary Medicine
István u. 2, 1078 Budapest, HUNGARY

Uwe Rösler   Professor Dr. Uwe Rösler
Institute for Animal and Environmental Hygiene
Free University of Berlin
Robert-von-Ostertag-Straße 7-13 (House 35), 14163 Berlin, GERMANY 

Endong_Bao   Professor Dr. Endong Bao   
College of Veterinary Medicine
Nanjing Agricultural University
Nanjing 210095, P. R. CHINA

Venglovsky   Professor Dr. Jàn Venglovsky     
University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy
Komenského 73, 041 81 Košice, SLOVAK REPUBLIC